With Sherlock Holmes 2 reportedly set for a December 2011 release date, everyone knew filming needed to get underway sometime in the imminent future. The early word had been that actors would go before cameras in December of this year, but Dr. Watson himself, Jude Law, is saying that shooting will begin months earlier than originally believed.

The actor, speaking to Empire Online at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival -- where he received the Festival President's Award -- tells the site that cast and crew will begin filming the sequel this fall. "It looks likely that we're going to shoot the second Sherlock Holmes in October." This would seem to indicate that the script is almost completed and that casting should commence in the very near future.

When questioned about the plot details of the upcoming film Law played clueless: "I don't know yet where the story will go, but there are a lot of Sherlock Holmes novels to choose from." The most tantalizing question is whether or not Holmes' arch-nemesis Moriarty will make a full appearance and who might play him. Our own Elisabeth Rappe reported late last month that director Guy Ritchie has his heart set on Daniel Day-Lewis for the important part. Talk about dream casting ...

Law, who has a busy schedule in front of him with appearances in Scorsese's Hugo Cabret and Stephen Sodergbergh's Contagion says he was pleased by the first Holmes' success but not for the reasons you might expect. "Of course I was really pleased it was such a success but mostly because that will give me the opportunity to work with Robert and Guy again."

What say you, readers? Excited about another Holmes? Who should don Moriarty's cape if DDL passes? Gary Oldman? Alan Rickman? Discuss.