Kids across America are hiking, boating, practicing archery and doing arts and crafts today, as they're well into their second week of summer camp. At least I think that's what they're doing, and I think that is traditionally how camp schedules go. I never went to overnight camp, so all I know of it is what I've seen in the movies: Meatballs, Friday the 13th, The Parent Trap, Little Darlings, Sleepaway Camp, Addams Family Values, Ernest Goes to Camp. These and more showed me what I was missing as an adolescent, and without them I might not have appreciated the silly camp comedy Wet Hot American Summer.

WHAS is not exactly a parody of '80s camp movies so much as it is an antic tribute to them featuring sports, games, romance, a talent show, talking cans, the crash re-entry of Skylab and counselors who seem even less attentive than those who let Jason Voorhees drown in the slasher's origin story. It also, while being primarily a vehicle for ex-members of The State, showed us the potential of little-known actors Bradley Cooper and Elizabeth Banks, not to mention re-igniting Paul Rudd as a comedy stand-out (rather than romantic lead).