Last week, geekdom had a small meltdown over the new Wonder Woman costume, and J. Michael Straczynski's new reboot/retcon/alternate universe that will launch in Wonder Woman #600. The consensus was generally "nay" to both ideas, especially the outfit, though we all know how short-lived new ideas in comic books can be. Normally, I wouldn't write about comic book news, even if ABC News and Nikke Finke are both shrieking about it, but I think this revamp (good, bad, or ugly) is going to be important for Wonder Woman. It's not going to be a mere footnote on her Wikipedia page. I think her big screen chances might rest on it.

Wonder Woman is an odd character. She sells more merchandise than she sells books. I know a lot of women who love the idea of Wonder Woman, and they own the doll, the t-shirt, and the sports bra, but they don't own the comic books. Market analysis claims this is because the books aren't good, and the character is dull, but I don't think that's true. I think it simply comes down to comic books being so inaccessible to average readers -- not necessarily because of cryptic mythology or childish reputation (though that's part of it) but because they're difficult to buy on a whim. But that's another topic. The argument goes that she doesn't sell because she's boring, cold, or underdressed.
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