I'm a sucker for all things retro. From the 1930's to the 1970's, I just eat it up - furniture, genre films, clothes, etc. One of my favorite aspects, though, is that technicolor space age idea of the future that so many artists and architects expressed. Much of the fictional approaches were packed with danger and impossible creations - the suburbs of Mars, killer robots, or space travel to to unimagined cosmos. Yet all of this had a candy-coated optimism about it. It was simple and vibrant, despite the subject matter. While I don't know if the style has a specific name, you'd recognize it immediately. It graced the covers of model kits and scifi paperbacks for decades. It's pulpy and extraordinarily detailed.

Pink Tentacle has a spread of a particularly recognizable and prolific artist, Shigeru Matsuzaki. I haven't been able to find much about him online, but if any of you have any information, I'd love to have some prints or at the very least a coffee table book of this guy's work. I've grabbed one of them past the jump for you to check out. Head on over to Pink Tentacle to take a look at the rest.
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