I'm already a little annoyed with Best Buy after hearing they recently suspended an employee for making some hilarious animated shorts that implicitly make fun of the store and its customers. Now I hear they're telling kids to use their cell phones at the movies! Okay, so far it's just one movie, Universal's animated feature Despicable Me, and the special app they're endorsing is allegedly not obnoxious in any way, but I wonder if it's still sending the wrong message and encouraging future cell phone use during other movies.

The promotion involves the Best Buy Movie Mode app, which works on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices (sorry, not yet Windows Mobile). What it does, at least for Despicable Me, is translate the Jawa-like speech of the Minions, those yellow, overall-wearing, peanut-shaped creatures that work for the film's wicked main character, Gru. The translating will occur only during the final credits, and meanwhile as the phone is on during the rest of the film, the app apparently disables your ring, dims your screen and discourages texting.
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