Who needs authentic, realistic props when making a war movie? Not the guys behind Cardboard Warfare, a short, mostly dialogue-free film about a deadly battle in which all the weapons are made out of cardboard. Handguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, a tank. They're all carved out of the corrugated material, but they still fire legitimate ammo and shells thanks to the magic of modest computer effects.

Directed by Clinton Jones, Cardboard Warfare is yet another impressive bit of effects-driven filmmaking to hit YouTube, from which we've also seen such gems as Iron Babyand AT-AT Day Afternoon, both of which were made by Cinematical favorite Patrick Boiven. Jones is already planning a sequel, according to a posting on his Facebook wall, in which he said he's looking for German WWII costumes. He also promised, "it's going to be triple the epic!"

Will we one day see Jones make it out to Hollywood and do a feature-length war film with cardboard props? I guess it'd be kind of like a "sweded" version of a real war film. But that's the hot thing right now, finding new talent in web-circulated short films, especially those with cheap yet good-looking effects. From what I can tell, Jones is currently in school down in Georgia so he's probably got some time before he moves up to the big leagues.

Check out his short after the jump and stay tuned, I guess, for Cardboard Warfare 2.