We've known a second Saw videogame was in the works for some time now -- and we even got a peek at it during last month's E3. Now, Konami's given us the first full trailer for Jigsaw's latest adventure. You can check it out after the break.

The new clip for Saw 2: Flesh and Blooddoesn't seem to offer much in the way of gameplay footage, but it does reveal the much-discussed "elevator trap" of E3. Think of the semi scene in the original The Hitcher and you're on the right track. What's most notable about this clip is that you actually get a glimpse of Jigsaw in the montage at the end (don't blink or you could miss it...). Apparently, that's still exciting for some people. Personally, I found the dialogue in the trailer even more melodramatic than it is in the films -- which is hard to believe.

The new game follows Detective Tapp's son as he searches for his missing father. Naturally, he gets caught in Jigsaw's twisted web and has to survive the madman's diabolical tests and traps.

Saw 2: Flesh and Blood is due out on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this fall -- just in time for the release of Saw VII 3D in theaters. It seems like Jigsaw won't be happy until he's the king of all media. I can't wait until he expands to radio and novels...
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