Bad reviews notwithstanding, the built-in fanbase for The Last Airbender was sufficient to rocket the much-ridiculed M. Night Shyamalan adaptation to a respectable second place with $70 million over five days (and making the predictions that the film will end the director's career kind of silly). That said, the poor word-of-mouth will likely make the movie's returns drop like a stone over the coming weeks, and it will have to look overseas to recoup its inflated budget. The promised sequel is, I think, doubtful; this could be a repeat of The Golden Compass.

Twilight faces no such problems. Eclipse had itself a field day, raking in almost as much since its Wednesday opening as the first of the series did in its entire run. The Twilightflicks generally have pretty steep second-weekend drops, but Eclipse should still end up the highest-grossing of the three films. Determined to milk this cow dry, Summit has split the last novel in the franchise, Breaking Dawn, into two films, a la Harry Potter. I remain somewhat outraged over the Potter split, since Deathly Hallows is the one book that doesn't merit that treatment (it's kinda uneventful). Can't comment on Breaking Dawn.

Toy Story 3held up very well and crossed the $300 million mark. It should be the highest-grossing Pixar movie ever by the end of next weekend. The Karate Kid is also holding well, and will push toward $180 million. Knight & Day, which will struggle to get to $75 million, will go down as one of the summer's biggest disappointments. And the indie Cyrus expanded to just over 75 screens and snuck into the top 10.

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