The Book of Eli, directed by the Hughes Brothers, 2010

I'm torn on the Book of Eli. I really admire it as a piece of post-apocalyptic cinema for its scope and production design, but as a piece of post-apocalyptic fiction it kind of makes me want to tear my hair out. It's not the ultimate end point of the story, either, it's the crux of the story; the titular book. What it is, the rarity of it, is more inexplicable to me than anything else in the story. I'm not a stickler for realism in my post-apoc stories - it's the freaking apocalypse, after all - but it just bugs me that the lore of his journey and how special he is is so...lazy.

It's intentionally obtuse to give the appearance of a twist, and there are plenty of audience members who are wow'ed by that, but it's just disappointing to see that there's so little energy put toward defining Eli, why he's special and why what he's carrying is special, until the end. It hardly ruins the movie for me, but it's what roadblocks it from becoming a great piece of sci-fi. I'll still settle for merely good, but it's just frustrating how a few alterations could have really changed things.
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