- Ever wanted to smell like Bruce Willis? Yeah, me neither, but now you can. (Pssst: if you find any where online that sells this, the "Send us a Tip" button Cinematical could certainly use some loving.) [via BoingBoing]

- Megan Park, one of the fresh faces on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, is the latest to join Christian Slater, Gary Oldman and Dane Cook in the thriller Guns, Girls and Gambling. Yes, Dane Cook will indeed be in a movie with Gary Oldman. Yes, that bothers me as much as it bothers you.

- I want to hate a remake of Let the Right One in. I really, really do. But first Matt Reeves proving his passion for the material, then the fantastic first trailer, and now news that Michael Giacchinois scoring it? I cannot freaking wait for Let Me In!

- Need further proof that M. Night Shyamalan isn't a wise Hollywood investment at this point? His name has been dropped from the new series of horror films he is producing. The first entry, previously titled The Night Chronicles: Devil, will now simply by Devil. Wise move if you ask me.
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