Darth Vader needed a little color in his life besides his basic black -- and thanks to the Vader Project, he has it.

Or at least his helmet has it.

The Vader Project is made up of 100 underground artists reinterpreting the iconic black helmet and mask of Darth Vader of 'Star Wars' fame with vibrant colors. Some give him bulging eyeballs or a hoodie. Still others have Vader sporting a monkey face, antler horns and stars and stripes. The artists involved include Shag, Peter Kuper, Tim Biskup and Marc Ecko.

The Vader Project helmets are on display through Fri., July 9, at at Freeman's Auctioneers and Appraisers in Philadelphia and they will be auctioned off on Sat., July 10. Watch the auction here.

Bidding will begin at $1,500 for each helmet.
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