The movie clubs traverse the cinematic worlds of space, Scotland, and San Francisco for this week's picks:

Over at SciFi Squad, Brian Salisbury checked out Peter Hyams' Outland starring Sean Connery and Peter Boyle. Commenting on the connections to the western genre, he writes: "I actually find it more apt to categorize Outland as a crime drama in space which, to me, is almost more interesting if only because it is more rare. The film follows Sean as he works to solve the mystery of why so many miners are suddenly finding it pertinent to off themselves in fantastically nasty ways."

Mike Moody, meanwhile, dug into the world of Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers for Horror Squad. "Dog Soldiers is essentially a B movie with a set-up we've seen a million times before: Good guys must survive the night as the scary monsters try to murder them dead. Still, it feels unique and substantial, mostly because of its characters and Marshall's tight shooting and editing style."

Finally, I dug into the danger of Dirty Harry right here at Cinematical and wrote: "for the most part Dirty Harry is an entirely different cinematic beast. Here's a film that does get funky with its soundtrack, and offers up one of the most iconic cinematic quotes of all time, but is measured and patient in a way that modern action movies are too scared to be."

Check in at the end of the week for the next round of picks, and take a peek at John Sayles' excellent and discussion-worthy Limbo for the first discussion this Friday night.
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