MGM's Financial WoesMGM's financial woes are hardly news. But what they're about to lose is. We all know director Guillermo Del Toro left the two films based on 'The Hobbit' because of the continual delays. And now they're in danger of losing their biggest star. I'll give you the details and my personal plan to save the Shire. (Source: TVNewZealand)

But wait. There's more bad news from MGM. They've permanently canceled a film I was desperately hoping to see. Sure, I have a very specific and shallow reason for this, but I bet most of you understand. I'll let you know what movie I'm talking about and make an confession about a very old franchise I've only recently watched. After you watch the video, drop me a line at and tell me I'm not the only one. (Source: Ain't It Cool) Check out the video after the jump.