I've been looking forward to Gareth Edwards' Monsters ever since I first heard about it earlier this year. The film made a pretty big splash at the SXSW Film Festival, and now there's news as to when the rest of us will finally get to see it for ourselves.

Monsters will play in New York and L.A. starting on October 29th of this year. The film is being released through Magnolia Pictures' genre division, Magnet. No word yet on whether it might play more markets after its debut, but Magnet is cool about getting these films out on VOD in short order (sometimes before their actual theatrical appearances..). So, even if you don't live in NYC or Los Angeles, don't fret -- you'll still be able to check this film out at some point.

Made with a five-man crew and two actors, for very little money (some reports have placed the budget as low as $15,000), Monsters could become this year's Paranormal Activity -- which is ironic, since a late October release date will put it in direct competition with that film's sequel.

The movie is centered on an American journalist (Scoot McNairy) tasked with finding his boss' daughter (Whitney Able) and escorting her through an infected zone of Mexico to the US border. This particular stretch of land is quarantined because NASA discovered the existence of alien life in our solar system and sent a probe to take samples -- but the probe crashed over the region on its return and now extra-terrestrial lifeforms are flourishing there while the US and Mexican military try to contain it.

Click past the jump for a look at a clip from the film.
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