Maybe it has something to do with all this summer heat, or maybe they just tend to come in threes, but after May's one-two punch of film review plagiarism, here comes yet another would-be critic nabbed for taking words that weren't his to begin with... and this guy doesn't just take the proverbial cake. He walked off with the whole damn bakery.

You probably hadn't heard of David's Movie Notebook before today. I know that I hadn't before last Monday, when Evan Dickson gave this site a look, only to find Roger Ebert's review of The Last Airbender staring back at him. A bit of digging after that -- much of it by Latino Review's George Roush and countless curious colleagues -- and it became apparent that PR professional David Eng has lifted his reviews since 2006 from not just Ebert, but Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine and, yes, even Cinematical. We've chronicled just the 2010 offenses in this gallery (that's forty-four to date); some pictures have been cropped out in order to make room for the necessary text.
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