There are a number of different reasons I want to see the long-talked about Bubba Nosferatu. Sure, I love Bubba Ho-Tep something fierce and I'd kill (maybe not humans, but some kind of sacrificial, cloven-hoofed animal) to see a sequel following the further adventures of elderly Elvis, but really I just want to see Don Coscarelli making more movies. I'm even okay with Elvis being played by someone other than Bruce Campbell, if that means more Coscarelli feature films (Ron Perlman is a possible replacement).

Unfortunately, Bubba Nosferatu has been lingering in production limbo for years now, unable to find the financing to get off the ground. It won't stay that way forever, however, if attached star Paul Giamatti has his way. In a recent chat with MTV, Giamatti revealed that the picture has been remarkably close to entering production over a dozen times in the last few years and that despite those set backs, he still desperately wants it to get made. How desperately? His exact quote to MTV sums it up pretty nicely:

"I'm going to f---ing break my spine in half if I have to to get that thing done."
Of course that doesn't mean they're any closer to getting the film made then before, but you've got to admire his gusto.

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