Should producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal worry about their new Predator movie? It's been twenty-three years since the first film, and they're working hard to sell this as a direct sequel to the muscular John McTiernan classic. The reality is that the Predator franchise never really got a chance to grow past the first film, suffering through an unpleasant sequel and two disappointing Alien Vs. Predator films. Can they convince audiences that Predators is the true successor to Predator or does it just look like Predator Part 5?

By casting Adrien Brody as the lead, the movie might miss the mark in the same way that Predator 2 does. A big part of the thrill of the original Predator is seeing a larger than life hero take down an unstoppable killing machine. Is Adrien Brody that hero -- is that who audiences want to see go head-to-head with the Predator? Danny Glover sure wasn't, no matter how capable of an actor he is. In some ways, I think these movies need a Schwarzenegger (and certainly NOT a Sanaa Lathan). They really need a fitting superhero for their cool alien supervillain. We'll find out Friday if Brody is that man.

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