The discussion of Wonder Woman's new look rages on (even here on Cinematical). To add a little fuel to the fire, now there's some intriguing new concept art from Joss Whedon'sWonder Woman That Never Was. Costume designer Shawna Tripcic tweeted her costume sketches that she had done for Whedon's Princess Diana and surprise surprise, she's wearing pants.

Too bad Trpcic couldn't weigh in on the comic version's new look. I think this is actually much better than what Diana is currently sporting. All of her iconic gear is visible, it's streamlined, and the pants don't look like they came out of 1990. Sure, I could do without the crop top -- vital organs are contained there, Wonder Woman knows you need armor covering those bits -- and the duster coat is too reminiscent of the Matrix. But she gets to keep her boots. You need comfy boots to fight in --everyone knows that.

Again, it's not too surprising that any eventual movie is going to radically alter Wonder Woman's costume. Few actresses are going to want to wear her glorified swimsuit. But if they do put Wonder Woman in pants, I hope they go back to Tripcic's ideas and give her something that's a little more kick ass and contemporary. Just make sure she covers up her midriff, please.

What do you think of Whedon's Wonder Woman?
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