This was bound to happen eventually; Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the guys behind Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie and Disaster Movie are about to tackle another Hollywood craze: vampires. Vampires Suck stars newcomer Jenn Proske as a girl name Becca and -- guess what -- she finds herself torn between two boys, a brooding vampire and a were – er, Chihuahua. Before she can even choose between the two, she's got to deal with her overprotective father, the Jersey Shore cast and Lady Gaga.

Just because these spoofs have a low price tag and generate a decent profit doesn't give Fox the right to keep dumping them on us. When's the last time you've seen a quality parody film? The only two I can think of that I'd willingly sit through again are Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie, but it's been nearly a decade since those two hit theaters and since then we've been subjected to spoof upon spoof that merely regurgitate material we've already seen via bad acting and, um, we're expected to laugh?

The idea of a film poking fun at The Twilight Saga actually sounds promising, especially because it's due to hit theaters on August 18th, right in the midst of the craze, but after watching the film's brand new trailer, it's impossible not to connect it to the atrocities Friedberg and Seltzer have sent our way. I can't lie, I did smirk at a few of the gags, but the only really encouraging element here is the involvement of Ken Jeong. The guy can't be desperate for work, so there's got to be something good about Vampires Suck, right? Or do you think it just plain sucks?

Check out the trailer for yourself after the jump.