The French just keep churning out horror films -- and since the majority of them have been somewhere between interesting and outstanding, I'm happy to keep covering them.

The latest comes from Sombrero Films -- who previously brought us Mutants and High Lane. Their newest production is entitled Caged and features actress Zoe Felix in the lead role. Twitch scored the plot synopsis and a teaser trailer for the film. Read on for some early details.

Felix plays Carole -- a young nurse working with a humanitarian group. She and two of her colleagues are kidnapped by strangers and kept captive in a dingy dungeon-like setting where they try to escape and eventually learn what their tormentors have in store for them.

To be honest, this plot synopsis isn't exactly wowing me. Sounds like another Hostel wannabe -- and if they're keeping them to harvest organs I'll be really annoyed (that's becoming the most overused plot device around) -- but the French are good at gore, so that might make everything a little more tolerable.

Caged debuts in France this October. No word on a US release, but with French horror doing well on DVD here, it seems like only a matter of time before American audiences get a chance to check it out. Jump past the break to check out the short teaser trailer.
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