What's cooler than jazzercise and will get you ready for Z-day in no time at all? A new fitness program designed to help you survive a zombie attack: ZombieFit. This new workout in the Chicagoland area was developed by 28-year-old lawyer Rich Gatz who believes, "If you're ready for the zombie apocalypse, you're ready for anything."

The whole undead regimen is based on the practice of parkour. This involves people jumping, vaulting, and climbing over obstacles fluidly. If you've seen videos of those guys moving like cat burglars across the cityscape, then you know what I'm talking about. The object is to get from point A to point B using only your body and the objects in your environment. There really is something quite beautiful about it. ZombieFit emphasizes running obstacle courses, biking and rowing, squats, push ups, pull ups and sprints in addition to basic parkour movements. It's a great riff off the first rule of Zombieland: cardio.

Hit the urban terrain with ZombieFit and you're sure to keep those dead heads in check. Find out more info on classes right over here, you badass.

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