Let's take a look at the myriad number of ways James Cameron's Avatar, the biggest movie of all time, has lightened your wallet.

1. You saw the film during its initial theatrical run six months ago.

2. You saw the film several times during its initial theatrical run six months ago after realizing that you "just had to see it in 3D." Twice. Maybe three times.

3. You rushed out and bought the bare bones DVD or Blu-Ray despite the announcement that an extended version stuffed with special features will hit stores by Christmas.

4. You are already planning to buy that special edition anyway.

5. Oh, and the massive tub of blue body paint you picked up for Na'vi cosplay. Nope, I'm not going to forget about that. I will never forget about that.

6. And now, Avatar will be re-released in theaters on August 27th with eight minutes of new footage. Break open that college savings account, boys and girls. You're going to need that money to make the return trip to Pandora.
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