We received the disappointing news that Capcom's sequel to their zombie-killing hit Dead Rising was going to be delayed a month a few weeks back, but to soothe the sting of that the company has released the the final box art for the game and opened a brand new website.

First up is the new cover art for the title. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are identical, save for the respective platform's logo. Both feature new hero Chuck surrounded by hordes of hungry zombies. Luckily, our protagonist is armed with the super awesome new weapon, chainsaws on a stick. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

Capcom's also launched Tapeitordie.com -- a new website following the adventures of Lance, Gretchen, Wallace and Johnny Pipes as they try to get tickets to Terror is Reality XVII. While doing this, you'll also be learning lots of interesting tidbits about the new game before it hits shelves. Capcom is promising weekly updates to the site between now and the game's official release date. Hurray for viral marketing!

Dead Rising 2 takes place in Vegas
and looks to improve upon its predecessor (which was fun, but marred by annoying NPC AI and a wonky save system). Expect to start your own zombie holocaust this September.
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