There are still a lot of people who are dubious about Chris Evans being cast as Captain America. You may be comforted to know the actor agrees with you. "I think they got the costume right. The casting they completely ruined, but the costume they nailed!'"

was lucky enough to catch up with the new Steve Rogers as he did a fly by in England, where pre-production has been progressing on Captain America: The First Avenger. As you might remember, costume concept art leaked shortly after Evans was cast. But a Photoshop job and a physical costume are two different things, and Evans was happy to describe what Cap cosplay is like: "It's an amazing costume. Given the fact that his costume is red, white and blue, and it's tight, and it could be kind of flash and over the top – and given the fact that the movie takes place in the '40s and '50s – they've done a really good job of making it look really cool." He admitted it was a lot less comfortable than his Fantastic Four costume. "But it's the way it should be. Any type of World War II uniform would be a little chunky, and I think that's what kind of gives it its character." (Surely there's a trade off in the Cap costume being a little less, um, clingy?)

But the most iconic piece of Captain America's ensemble has yet to be set -- his shield. Evans says they're testing a variety of models to find the sexiest, sleekest, and most comfortable version. They're not cheesy resin versions, either. "The thing is pretty heavy, so I'm not sure I can throw it that far! I'll give it my best shot, but hopefully they'll have some sort of stunt shield when it comes to actually chucking it!" One order of super serum, coming up ....

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