- Not sure if I can see him playing Ozzy Osbourne, but I'm a fiend for funny comb-overs, and this on-set shot of Colin Farrell already has me anxious to see him in Horrible Bosses. [via New York Post]

- Weird Al Yankovic's new feature film, which was supposed to be made for Cartoon Network, is now in turnaround and could be made for theatrical release instead. He says, "maybe it'll get produced at some point, maybe it won't," which is good or bad news depending on how your mind works. I still think he should just really make that biopic starring himself that he thought was a joke.

- Home Alone, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson director Chris Columbus explains why it's necessary to look at the family when casting a child actor. Hopefully this saves us from future clans as messed up as the Culkins, Lohans, Simpsons, etc.
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