arrives in theaters tonight at midnight and promises to reignite an ailing franchise. Produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by Nimrod Antal, the film drops a gang of the world's toughest fighters onto an alien hunting planet for the sport of a new breed of Predator and, as my review attests, delivers spectacular horror and action from the off.

But it's not been an easy journey to screen. After Predator 2 failed somewhat to capture the raw tone of the original – though I'll happily make a case for it being a little bit brilliant in other ways – the only big-screen outing for the Predator has been in two atrocious Alien vs. Predator films.

However, while the creature hasn't necessarily had its share of fair treatment in cinemas, the gestation of the Predator franchise behind the scenes is more fascinating than most can claim to be. Not long ago I was tasked with pulling together the true history of Predator, and along the way I was shocked by just how many funny surprises, odd coincidences and folkloric tales are attached to the property. Here are seven for you to chew over.
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