Strap on your energy shield and grab your power battery, because Comic-Con has begun announcing its programming schedule for this year's mega-event, and based on Thursday's lineup, it's shaping up to be a four-color doozy. On top of the ever-expanding list of Hollywood projects looking to get a boost from the trend-making geek set: Michael Cera's romantic superhero comedy 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,'Sylvester Stallone's bone-crunching inside joke 'The Expendables' and the big daddy of them all, 'Tron: Legacy.'

Those aren't the only big pictures in the big picture, though. Joining 'Scott Pilgrim' on the Thursday lineup are fellow comics adaptations 'Red' and 'A Clockwork Girl,' while Dreamworks dips their animated toes into the comic book genre with 'Megamind,' a tale of good vs. evil told from the villain's point of view.

Here's a schedule of Thursday's highlights for the Comic-Con film fanatic:
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