There's no word to describe Denzel Washington but "intense." He's always favored drama over action or comedy, and he's never been the kind of hero or villain you wanted to cross. But now he's making a reputation for himself as an even bigger badass. Audiences were delighted to see him slash people up in The Book of Eli, and now he might be doing it again with Safe House. According to THR's Risky Business, he's in negotiations to star in Universal's thriller, which will be directed by Daniel Espinosa.

Safe House follows a young CIA agent, who is the sole survivor of an attack on a CIA safe house. Figuring he's immortal, he's chosen by his agency to escort a dangerous prisoner to another safe house. The lucky guy has to survive the prisoner, inhospitable territory, and attackers who want the agent and his prisoner dead. Washington won't be playing the CIA Agent, but will take the role of "the lethal prisoner." This is probably no surprise to anyone who has followed his recent career movies. Training Day and American Gangster showed off his flair for charismatic nastiness, and he's secure enough in his career that he can play cold killers without being typecast.

The Safe House screenplay was penned by David Guggenheim, and was caught up in a fierce bidding war over the winter. The buzz on it is pretty good, and with Washington involved, we're probably in for a good ride. Now to find a young actor who can not only hold a gun and badge convincingly, but seem like he can actually threaten Washington ....
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