Steve Carell is the LeBron James of comedy.

Hear us out. He is a spectacular talent known for his work in a scrappy city short on glamour (Scranton doesn't even have an NBA team!) Carell, like King James, has also announced he's making himself available to new teams. And both will have career milestones this week. So we pretty much know where LeBron has decided to go (it was so obvious! Or not.) Now Carell might be this year's movie MVP if he pulls off his second hit of 2010 with 'Despicable Me' in 3D.

Appearing earlier this year as Tina Fey's hapless hubby in 'Date Night', Carell turns sinister for 'Despicable' as the menacing, hunched Gru. Or rather, he'd like to be seen as sinister. Seems he's consistently fallen short of supervillain status, poor Gru. But if his plan to steal the moon is successful, it will surely put him among the bad guy greats.
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