No Dragons. No Iron Men. No Robins of Hood. But if you want to catch up on some films you may have missed when they were On Demand or get the back stories on some famous works of art, then you have something to look forward to with the announcements this week.

Summit, the studio responsible for the films that only look and sound like vampire films (Twilight), is releasing the film that looks and sounds like another Nicholas Sparks story, but is really just another cutesy generic romantic drama. Letters To Julietwith Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave arrives on Sept. 14, just a few days after the day of infamy used as a plot point in their other ghastly Robert Pattinson film of 2010, Remember Me. Viewed in that company, Juliet might actually look pretty good. Nine months after its initial theatrical release, Warner Bros. will release Me & Orson Welles - but only to DVD and only to Target stores.
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