July is the right time for sand and surf. Many of our readers are undoubtedly lucky enough to live on the coast where they have daily (or at least weekly or monthly) beach access. But many of us are landlocked and too busy or poor to make the trip. And let's be honest here -- the very best beaches in the United States and Mexico are probably going to look like something out of The Road before vacation season rolls around again.

So, what's someone desperate for a seaside trip to do? Escape in some old-fashioned escapism through the magic of movies. There's a lot of tropical films a person can watch to cure their lust for islands, cabanas, and crumbly sand. I've narrowed it down to five. I've also deliberately kept it to films that are just cheesy enough that you could mute them and just look at the pretty sunsets.

Now, If you're one of those creative types, you could do some kind of cute theme party where everyone shows up in Hawaiian shirts and chows down on shrimp, salsa, and key lime pie while watching one or more of these films. If you're like me, you'll just cut up some limes, crack open a Mexican beer, and get buzzed enough to forget the wind outside belongs to the prairie and not the sea. Hey, we all escape in different ways, and some of those ways involve alcohol and Kurt Russell. Don't judge my vacation.

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