Welcome to Framed, a new column at Cinematical that celebrates the artistry of cinema -- one frame at a time. To get a feel for things, you can check out last week's introductory post to this column where I discussed Duncan Jones' Moon.

Steve McQueen's Hunger is a work of staggering beauty -- which sounds odd, considering it's a true story about Irish Republican Bobby Sands' (Michael Fassbender) hunger strike at the Maze Prison in 1981. It arose over the Irish detainees' desire to be recognized as political prisoners and not common criminals -- therefore not being forced to wear prison-issued uniforms or engage in other activities that regular inmates were required to take part in. It is a brutal, heartbreaking film that finds one magnificent image after another in places where you'd least expect them. McQueen and cinematographer Sean Bobbitt have infused the movie with some incredibly striking visuals -- images just as powerful as the subject matter itself.

When compiling a list of potential stills for this entry of Framed, I had over thirty possible choices. Any one of them would have been worth writing about, but I narrowed it down to this single image (spoilers ahead).
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