When you mention the phrase "horrifying Spanish short film", most horror fans immediately think of Nacho Cerda's Aftermath. However, Cerda's ode to necrophilia won't be the only the only title that comes to mind after you check out Julien Zenier's Snip.

Twitch first brought the film to people's attention roughly two years ago -- and since then, Zenier's short has made the rounds on the festival circuit, fascinating and repulsing almost everyone who's seen it. It may not be as philosophically profound as Aftermath, but it certainly packs a punch with its special effects.

Snip runs for nearly 12 minutes and focuses on a man who's channel surfing. Either bored or upset -- it's hard to tell which -- by the violent images blipping across his screen, he decides to strip naked and spend some quality time with a boxcutter. It's definitely not safe for work and not for the squeamish.

Thanks to the magic of the interweb, you can see all this gory carnage for yourself, right now, without spending a dime of your own money. Jump past the break to bask in its gruesomeness -- but remember, this is very NSFW.
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