Iron Man 2It's big, but it's certainly not clever. Iron Man 2, Robert Downey Jnr's second outing as the heroic Tony Stark, has been named as the most mistake-filled film of 2010 (hang on, we're only halfway through the year).

According to the website, the hit movie has 45 bloopers, such as missing props, moving scenery and bad dialogue (at one point Downey Jnr addresses co-star Don Cheadle by his real name).

So, while director Jon Favreau and his production crew tried to make a bigger, badder film to 2008's hugely enjoyable Iron Man, they took their collective eye off the finer detail. You want moving make-up? You got it - Mickey Rourke's stick-on scars take a wander around his face, changing size depending on their mood.

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