The ParasiteThis isn't quite science fiction, but apparently someone has hypothesized that the World Cup victories are directly related to the number of parasites found in the team's home country. Now this isn't the cute, cuddly parasites like the one from DC Comics. This is an insidious little bugger named Toxoplasma gondii.

Apparently, having this parasite present in your systems affects the neurons and makes the person more, well, neurotic. According to the article author, this contributes to victory at the World Cup. Perhaps being neurotic makes you more scared of losing a soccer game and facing the populace of your home country?

While the legitimacy of this claim is still questionable (the neuroscientist writer hasn't taken blood samples from all the players on all the teams), I'm sure that certain nefarious countries will be feeding their players a steady diet of Toxoplasma gondii next year in an effort to win.
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