What got lost in the sea of scathingly negative reviews for M. Night Shyamalan's live action version of The Last Airbender is that it has still managed to pull in more than $74 million since its release last week. Granted, that's not anywhere close to what Twilight made, but it's a pretty respectable opening.

Shyamalan appears to have decided to focus on that rather than the reviews -- the film is currently sitting at an overwhelmingly rotten 8% rating after critics had their way with it -- and is already talking about his plans for the second and third films in the trilogy. The director recently chatted with MTV and had this to say about his plans for upcoming installments: "The third is more ambiguous, but the second one, I've written a draft that I'm really happy with and is darker and richer, and it has a wonderful antagonist in it in Azula, who's kind of like our only real, pure antagonist in the series, so I'm excited about that."

The director goes on to add that the Kyoshi Warriors -- an elite group of female fighters -- will play a prominent role in the second film. As The Last Airbender fans already know, Shyamalan shot scenes involving these warrior women in the first film but scrapped them when he decided they drew attention away from the main story.

This all sounds intriguing, and good for Shyamalan being positive (or is it delusional?) in the face of adversity, but the fact remains that Paramount hasn't greenlit a sequel, let alone two of them. The Last Airbender survived negative reviews last weekend, but can it survive a whole week's worth of obituaries written about Shyamalan's career? We'll know in a few days.