This weekend sees the release of 'Despicable Me,' the new animated family comedy where the proud papa is a very bad man. Steve Carell voices Gru, a bald-headed tyrant armed to the teeth with rockets, tanks, and rays of the shrink-and-freeze variety. With an army of yellow jellybean-resembling minions ready to carry out his nefarious plots, Gru concocts his biggest crime yet -- stealing the moon.

Everything is going according to plan, until Gru unwittingly finds himself the new caretaker of three orphaned girls who need a father to raise them. Feeding the girls dinner, playtime in the the park, and reading them bedtime stories gives Gru a chance to display his softer side. Even if he wants to mess with our solar system, you can't help but like the guy.

It's easy to hate a world-class movie villain, because his or her job is to be hated. But a villain that's funny, charming, and has the rare ability to steal the show from its heroic counterparts is a special breed of maniacal. Moviefone salutes those unique with our list of the most lovable movie villains ever.
Despicable Me
In Theaters on July 9th, 2010

One of the world's greatest villains (Steve Carell) meets his match in three little orphans. Read More