Ridley Scott wants your YouTube videos!You know that video you uploaded to YouTube? The one of you recreating the underwear scene in 'Risky Business?' Your friends thought it was hysterical and sent it to all of their Facebook buddies and Twitter followers. Now random people on the street call you 'tighty whitey.' Well, Ridley Scott might want to use that in his upcoming documentary. I'll give you all the details. Think of it. You could be made fun of by zillions of people instead of just millions. Personally, I hope he chooses my 'My Bunny Washing My Puppy' video. (Source: YouTube)

And Bruce Willis is jumping on a very strange celebrity band wagon. One I've never really understood. I'll let you know what very non-action star thing he's currently up to. Oh, and after you watch, check out this video of my favorite Willis adventure in advertising. (Source: GeekOSystem) Check out the video after the jump.