Just when your blood was up by ugly rumors that Fox wanted hot Taylor Lautner types for X-Men: First Classcomes news that will quench it. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Nicholas Hoult is stepping in to the shoes of Dr. Hank McCoy, the role recently vacated by Benjamin Walker.

Hoult is a long way from Twilight territory. It's not that he's hideous -- far from it -- but he's no beefcake. He's an actor. You probably remember him from About A Boy. Well, now he's grown up and you probably didn't realize he was that kid when you saw him in Clash of the Titans or A Single Man. He's also nabbed a part in the highly anticipated Mad Max: Fury Road, so you know he can be a badass. (Hey, why didn't he come up in Spider-Man casting? I could have gotten behind his casting as easily as Andrew Garfield's.)

So, Matthew Vaughn's First Class now stands at five official class members: Michael Fassbender as Magneto, James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier, Alice Eve as Emma Frost, Caleb Landry Jones as Banshee, and Hoult as Dr. Hank McCoy. Aaron Johnson is rumored to be Cyclops, but hasn't been confirmed. I will give First Class credit where credit's due -- there's no good continuity, but they have chosen fine actors. I just hope there's something worth their talent in the film. I've been cynical about this, but I'd love to be wrong. The X-Men are such a cool bunch of superheroes that I'm dying to see them rise out of the ashes, and compete with The Avengers.

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