The 'Predators' are back, and that means one of two things for filmgoers. It's either a chance to relive a classic sci-fi horror franchise (five movies and counting) or it's a gory mess of bad moviemaking.

This time, a gaggle of A- and B-list movie stars (Adrien Brody,Danny Trejo,Alice Braga,Topher Grace and Laurence Fishburne) play a group of killers who get dropped on an alien world populated by, you guessed it, predators who want to do their thing to the humans. The movie is largely the ensuing fight to the death.

Robert Rodriguez of 'Sin City' fame co-produces and Nimrod Antal ('Kontrol') directs.

Critical reaction? More established reviewers dismiss the film and new-media types see worth in it. A note: 'Predators' is technically the sequel to 1987's 'Predator,' which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, and 1990's 'Predator 2.' An important fact for those, er, alien to the series

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