As we get closer to Comic-Con, we're starting to get a clear view of just who and what will be on display at this year's show. If you peruse press releases closely, occasionally you'll find some interesting tidbit that hasn't been officially announced yet. Like today, when one of them let slip that Lionsgate's Saw VII has a new title.

Jigsaw's latest movie outing has been known as Saw VII 3D or Saw 3D since it was first announced last fall. Not the most imaginative titles, but for a series that's milked a convoluted story and a tired premise for six films already, you have to admire the fact they were keeping it simple. That changes now, because according to a document we received today, the film is now known as ... Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive. Cinematical has also since confirmed with reps that this is, in fact, the new title.