Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, 1975.

I decided to revisit this film in honor of it A) Being on Netflix, and B) it's 35th anniversary of making people afraid to go in the water. Like many popular thrillers, Jaws is one of those films that is generally universally loved by most. Those who don't love it are absolutely insane. It mixes the horrifying reality of the deep blue sea - the idea that a seemingly serene beach where your kids can play plays host to a man-eating monster - with ample amounts of humor and drama. Standing out to me as one of the best scenes in the film is the monologue by Robert Shaw's Quint as his boat the Orca drifts calmly in the water. Sitting in near silence with Brody and Hooper, played by Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss, respectively, he recounts the tale of the USS Indianapolis, wherein hundreds of men were picked off by sharks as they floated amidst the debris of their wrecked ship. The level of tension he creates is palpable, and you can help but sit and listen with mouth agape in utter awe.
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