Like many filmmakers, John Sayles got his start in horror, writing scripts for Piranha, Alligator, and even The Howling. But where others used modest beginnings to springboard into superstardom, Sayles continued modestly, becoming the leading name in indie film and creating a relatively small but wildly diverse catalog of films. He merged wacky aliens with racial commentary in The Brother from Another Planet, tackled sports history for Eight Men Out, detailed Latin America struggles in Men with Guns, and even offered some George Dubya satire with Silver City. Yet within that diversity, he became known for his ability to weave a myriad of disparate characters into one solitary and dynamic plot.

But Limbo is a film of an utterly different sort. Shot in 1999, it took the same ideas that have always interested Sayles -- real people and environments free of the rosy Hollywood sheen -- and didn't allow the web to be woven together. Although he starts with a Southeastern Alaskan community, everything falls by the wayside for three people trying to survive the many shades of limbo.

Even more than some past installments, the rest of the piece will deal heavily with spoilers. If you haven't watched already, definitely stream the film before hitting the jump.
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