Cinematical's newest regular continues its look at things happening for UK film fans in a week packed with monster movies, football (not soccer) tournaments and 80s revivals. So without further ado, we continue our new column picking five film-related things with which to occupy your time if you're in the UK.

5. Witness South Africa's Darker Side

Indie pickings are slim this week, what with Twilight and Predators taking up screens, but there are plenty of monsters to be found in Gangsters' Paradise: Jerusalema, set amidst South Africa's criminal underworld. Ralph Ziman's film is rooted in cinema, with its characters taking cues from Heat and Scarface as they strike terror into the hearts of the population of Johannesburg. Based on the true story of shady boss Lucky Kunene, it's a fast paced and frenetic look at crime run rampant in post-Apartheid South Africa.
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