A few weeks ago someone asked me to make a list of directors who I thought were poised to really make their mark. At the top of my list was Sean Byrne, whose film The Loved Ones is the strongest, most promising horror directorial debut I've seen in years. I can't stress enough how wild of an experience it is, which is why I also cannot stress enough that if you have not seen the film, you should NOT watch the trailer for it that is currently making its way around the horrorsphere.

Most trailers these days reveal way too much, but the recent king of "Why would they show that in the trailer?!" has got to be this. There are so many unexpected elements and "They won't do it! They can't do it! Oh, God, they're doing it!" moments in Byrne's film that it saddens me to imagine how much of that power viewers will be robbed of if they watch the trailer first. It's one thing to know what a film is about, which in this case is a crazy girl who takes things too far when a boy turns down her prom date request, it's entirely different to show each step down the descending staircase of lunacy.

I'm not even going to embed the trailer below. If you have seen The Loved Ones and would like a nice little highlight reel of some of its more jaw dropping moments, you can head over to Quiet Earth to watch it. If you haven't seen it - which is going to be 99% of readers seeing as it has only played a few festivals - I beg you not to click that link. Just keep The Loved Ones at the top of your Must Watch list and jump on any opportunity you can get to watch the film in full.
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