Based on the acclaimed graphic novel about the small town of Barrow, Alaska being overrun by vampires when it's plunged into darkness for thirty days, 30 Days of Night is one of those horror films that you either like or dislike. It's not good enough to love, and it's not bad enough to hate, but for a good portion of horror fans it's a solid little flick that doesn't get enough recognition. For those eager for a follow-up, you only have to wait until October for a chance to see the direct-to-DVD sequel, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

As Arrow in the Head has brought to our attention via, the sequel, which stars Kiele Sanchez, Rhys Coiro, Mia Kirshner, Harold Perrineau and, of course, the uber sexy Diora Baird, will hit shelves October 5th. It will be released as a two-disc DVD/Blu-ray combo, and will play host to a modicum of special features, including:

-Filmmaker commentary
-PS3 Wallpaper Theme
-Vampires Exist: The Gritty Realism of Dark Days
-Graphic Inspirations: Comic to Film (BD-exclusive)

For those hesitant to give a direct-to-DVD sequel a look, the plot of the film apparently adheres pretty closely to the plot of the second book of the comic series, It was co-written by Ben Ketai, who co-wrote and directed the 30 Days of Night mini-series Dust to Dust, with Steve Niles, who wrote the freakin' comic. The plot takes Stella, survivor of the events of 30 Days of Night, to Los Angeles as she seeks revenge on Lilith, the vampire who orchestrated the assault on Barrow.
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