It seems to strange to say it out loud, but I've grown up right alongside Janet Jackson. When I was precocious little girl with pig-tails tuning in to Good Times and Diff'rent Strokes, she was there. By the time I had gotten my first taste of pre-teen rebellion, Control was blasting from my cotton candy pink boom box, and when the 90's hit I had decided I was done with being a good girl -- and so was Janet. Now, thanks to the folks at SlashControl you can watch Ms. Jackson develop a potty-mouth for free in John Singleton's 1993 drama, Poetic Justice.

Released in 1993, Justice was the story of a young woman (played by Jackson) living in South Central Los Angeles coping with the death of her boyfriend. After meeting a single father (played by the late Tupac Shakur) Justice heads off on a road trip and as to be expected learns some life lessons and falls in love. The role gave us a different kind of Janet than we were used to seeing: dropping 'F-bombs' like they were going out of style and more importantly, there was some actual emotion breaking through that perfect Jackson stage veneer.

As to be expected, Jackson's musical contribution to the film was a hit, and received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Song for the ballad, Again. But unfortunately her acting wasn't as well received and she won for Worst New Star at the Golden Raspberry Awards. Jackson has continued to appear in films, notably Tyler Perry's Why Did I get Married? series and The Nutty Professor 2, but I still like to go back to the the Miss Jackson who was a little bit more nasty.

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