Kick-AssThere's a popular rumor going around that Aaron Johnson, who played the title role in the movie 'Kick-Ass,' is in line to play Cyclops in Matthew Vaughn's relaunch of the 'X-Men' movie franchise. It helps that Vaughn also directed 'Kick-Ass.' While superhero movies are all the rage, this could lead to both of them being typecast as the Marvel Comics superhero crew. Of course, there are worse reputations to have.

Like the 'Spider-Man' reboot, I remain skeptical about Marvel re-doing their characters so soon after the initial franchise release. Granted, they have far more power in Hollywood now but eventually they're going to burn themselves out or possibly run out of characters.

Between Johnson and James McAvoy as Professor X, why is it that all the X-Men are becoming British? Is it a Harry Potter thing? Will the school now be on the outskirts of London than Westchester County, New York and only approachable by a magic train? I'm just saying.
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