You will never get a moment's respite from my incessant blathering and endless fawning of the work of Brad Anderson. Aspects of The Machinist aside, I consider him to be the greatest living horror director. Although he didn't begin his career as a horror director, he first made waves in the early part of this decade with the initially overlooked Session 9. It has since come to be loved among most of the horror community, garnering a place on several top ten lists of the decade.

My tendency to be prone to hyperbole notwithstanding, I consider Session 9 to be one of the best horror movies ever made, and since I first saw it back in 2002 the standard to which I hold most horror films. It is a gripping psychological thriller that is minimalist in its approach while still providing numerous layers of depth that require multiple viewings to fully absorb. For those not in the know, the film follows a group of Hazmat workers, led by new father Gordon, as they rid the abandoned Danvers State Mental Hospital of asbestos so it can be repurposed. As time presses on, cracks begin to appear in each of the members and tensions start to rise. Who can be trusted? And what does former patient May Hobbes have to do with everything? Incredible spookiness ensues.

Do yourself a solid and check the trailer out after the jump. Session 9 can be viewed on Netflix Instant, but if you don't have Netflix, run on out to Best Buy or your local Blockbuster and snag yourself a copy. You're about to watch one of the best horror films of the past decade, so give it a looksee and tune in Monday for one Hell of a discussion.
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