It's safe to say that once they made Robert Mitchum, they then turned around and broke the mold. The late actor was a one of the kind talent -- a fantastic performer who was every bit as interesting when he was just being himself. He was the antithesis of today's celebrities -- Mitchum didn't care about fame in the slightest. A tough guy actor who often made you believe he was more than capable of doing everything he'd done onscreen in real-life, Mitchum was always a great interview. While surfing around, looking for something else entirely, I stumbled across this Salon piece from back in 1997. In it, author Dick Lochte reminisces about the actor's career after his passing and shares excerpts from a four-hour chat -- one filled with vodka, no less -- they'd had twenty years earlier. It's a great piece of writing, made memorable by Mitchum's characteristic candor and humor. Don't expect any politically correct answers in this one.

As is to be expected, the discussion covers a lot of ground. And since copious amounts of booze were involved, it does tend to jump around a bit. Still, it's Mitchum being Mitchum, which means you'll have a great time with it.

Hit the jump to read a few of the highlights before you check out the full interview at Salon.